hi, my name is olivier and i'm a product design student from schwäbisch gmünd.

My name is Olivier Brückner and at the moment I am studying product design at the university of applied sciences Schwäbisch Gmünd. Even if you think that we only design in greyscale, I will show you that I live a colorful life. At the moment I am doing an exchange semester at the Lunds Universitet in Lund, Sweden.

Besides from designing products I am very interested in developing websites and young urban art.

Here you can see a selection of my latest work. Hopefully you will enjoy it!

a bed to feel at home.

the strap in:
«the bed»

VÄVA is a bed that is developed for our new society where people move more and more often. Without using tools, the bed can be set up as well as collapsed easily and carried to any other place. The straps serve as both a connector and the slatted frame. Although it is collapsible, it nevertheless is still a proper bed that everyone can relate to. A piece that moves along with you and experiences the same journey. A piece to feel at home. Everywhere.

6th semester, degree project
lecturer: Prof. Claus-Christian Eckhardt

rhythm everywhere

wood. sound.

A cajon is probably one of the most popular percuission instruments. The intuitive use and high variance enable many styles of playing. Therefore the cajon is perfectly suitable for e.g. evenings at camp fires, but is it necessary to sit on the instrument whereby it could get broken through the dirty floor.
The cajongo combines the concepts of a cajon and a bongo drum and enables consequently to also use the wooden drum along the way.

1st semester, product design
lecturer: Prof. Franz Biggel


abstract but

This cube is a cinetic system which is embeded in one point and contains only similar elements, alike a mobile. The layers are connected with thin threads.
With this abstract task we learned how to solve even complex problems with simple solutions.
download documentation [de] [1,3mb]

2nd demester, 3 dimensional basics
lecturer: Prof. Matthias Held

fast folded
lights up almost everything

without glue
for a flat world

Within the need of a lamp, that is very compressible, I developed a simple concept for a luminaire. It should be usable for different lighting situations as well.
The result has been a foldout. Simply plugged together, it forms a lampshade that can be used as pendulum, bed or ambient light.

4th semester, free project

exhibition system
from cardboard

for everyone

Within an one week workshop with Simon Busse, many connections had been developed, which have been 3D printed afterwards in cooperation with Fraunhofer IPA. My concept connects cardboard reversible for constructing an exhibition system. Subsequently the outcomes have been presented on it in Stuttgart.

3rd semester, workshop
lecturer: Simon Busse

new plates
new process

a different surface
to reduce the water

Abstaining from dish-washing machines could save about 5 394 120 000 kg CO2 every year, and that only in Germany. Therefore we developed a crockery with a special superhydrophobic coating that allows water to get under the dirt and lets it easily wash off.
download documentation [de] [4,4mb] the same journey. A piece to feel at home. Everywhere.

4th semester, process design
lecturer: Moritz Schmidt


made easy

In ccoperation with the company GTS we developed a new variant of their magnet-controlling-system. We did this especially with ergonomic aspects.Therefore we reduced the device as far as it only contains the most important elements and informations.
download documentation [de] [3,3mb]

3rd semester, ergonomics
lecturer: Prof. Jürgen Held

and infusomat

injection of

Perfusors and Infusomats are injection-pumps which are used in many medical applications. In this project we developed this device series in every little detail considering important aspects like sterility and reliability.
download documentation [de] [10,3mb]

3rd semester, product design
lecturer: Christian Zimmermann